Crimson Hotel’s Family Sunday Brunch Buffet: Food, Pool and a Chance to win a travel package.

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Image Courtesy to Ms. Irene of


Image Courtesy to Ms. Irene of

Welcome the summer with the whole family.

Crimson Hotel’s Cafe Eight offers a one of a kind Sunday Buffet for you and your family. The Sunday Family Brunch.

  • You can attend Mass in Crimson hotel before the brunch.
  • Brunch starts at 11:30 am-2:00pm
  • Chef Allesio Loddo prepared a menu that satisfies everyone. There is a standard menu but they change some of the food choices every Sunday
  • Children 4 ft and below are free.
  • Kids can stay upto 4 pm and swim in the pool.
  • A chance to win a travel package!


Meat galore for dad and kuya. delicious and healthy food for mom and ate.

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The kids have their own station too!

Chef Alessio made nutricious foods that are pleasing to the eyes of kids.

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Kids Area

There is a dedicated kids area that is in line of sight of the tables. So, you can leave your kids there while eating. There is also an attendee that will look over the kids.

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DesSerts, Desserts, Desserts!

From the sinfully sweet to deliciously healthy options. No one  is deprived of sweet goodness.

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 ready to have fun?


The start of my online journaling

Years from now, or more likely months from now. I’m going to view this first post and try to see how I improved along the way.

What got me started into blogging

I saw a group at the sidebar of my facebook newsfeed while scrolling. The name “South Writers League” seemed to be calling me. I’m not a writer professionally at that time. The only thing I write on to is my journal, my notebooks for studying and a novel writing app a couple of years ago.

I joined the group and then a few weeks after, they posted a one day workshop on how to kickstart your writing career and double your income. Without thinking much, I paid the fee for the workshop. Days after that, the administrator of the group, Ms. Irene Enriques, posted that she needs an Editior/Community Manager for her blog:

Without thinking much again, I e-mailed her, showed the dog campaign I am doing at the moment in facebook, sent her my wordpress accounts(that doesn’t have any post yet for almost a year since it was made) and explained why it didn’t have posts yet, then I offered her a free service in return that she be my mentor as I start my journey as a writer.

Now I’m thinking!

After doing all that, it suddenly dawned on me. My rational side shouts at me saying:”Hello girl?! What are you doing? You should start your blog first before signing up as an Editor of another blog! And hello? You like tech but you’re not an expert in it!” But my go-getter side doesn’t quit and encourages me with the thought that if I don’t act, fail and learn now, it will never happen.

Here goes hustling…

So, now I hope by the time I read this. I have established my self and my brand as a writer. Discovered new worlds and met people, made good friends and helped aspiring writers like me.